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Dupuytren Disease Awareness Day!

Dupuytren Awareness
Dupuytren disease research has a big problem: lack of awareness. Most people have never heard the word “Dupuytren”, much less “Dupuytren Disease”. The name “Dupuytren” is hard to pronounce and

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Cannabinoids, Dupuytren, and Orphan Drugs

I was recently asked if medical marijuana might be helpful for Dupuytren disease. The short answer is “No one knows.”. The longer answer is much more interesting.
The late effect of

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Dupuytren Research Group!

Two Dupuytren stories for this Valentine’s Day.
First, Saint Valentine. There were nearly a dozen people called Saint Valentine. Did this one have Dupuytren Contracture? He’s clearly in the high risk

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