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Dupuytren Literature: Bone Cytokines

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Selected Publications: Bone Morphogenic Protein

  • Shin SS, Liu C, Chang EY, Carlson CS, Di Cesare PE. Expression of bone morphogenetic proteins by Dupuytren’s fibroblasts. J Hand Surg Am. 2004/10/07 ed. 2004 Sep;29(5):809–14. (PDF)
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  • Krause C, Kloen P, Ten Dijke P. Elevated transforming growth factor ß and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways mediate fibrotic traits of Dupuytren’s disease fibroblasts. Fibrogenesis Tissue Repair. 2011/06/30 ed. 2011;4(1):14. (PDF)
  • Forrester HB, Temple-Smith P, Ham S, de Kretser D, Southwick G, Sprung CN. Genome-wide analysis using exon arrays demonstrates an important role for expression of extra-cellular matrix, fibrotic control and tissue remodelling genes in Dupuytren’s disease. PLoS One. 2013/04/05 ed. 2013 Jan;8(3):e59056. (PDF)

Selected Publications: Osteopontin

  • Tsujii M, Sakonata H, Sudo K. (2017). “Involvement of Thrombin and Osteopontin in the Pathophysiology of Dupuytren’s Contracture.” JHS. Elsevier Inc, S42. (PDF)
  • Iino, T; Tsujii, M; Hasegawa, M; Uemura, T; Kokubu, N; Satonaka, H; Asanuma, K; Sudo A. (2013). “Involvement of Thrombin and Osteopontin in the Pathophysiology of Dupuytren’s Contracture.” ORS.–053/1154.html. (PDF)

Selected Publications: Periostin

  • Vi Linda, Feng Lucy, Zhu Rebecca D, Wu Yan, Satish Latha, Gan Bing Siang, O’Gorman David B. (2009). “Periostin Differentially Induces Proliferation, Contraction and Apoptosis of Primary Dupuytren’s Disease and Adjacent Palmar Fascia Cells.” Experimental Cell Research 315 (20): 3574–86. (PDF)
  • Ratajczak-Wielgomas Katarzyna, Gosk Jerzy, Rabczyński Jerzy, Augoff Katarzyna, Podhorska-Okołów Marzenna, Gamian Andrzej, Rutowski Roman. (2012). “Expression of MMP-2, TIMP-2, TGF-β1, and Decorin in Dupuytren’s Contracture.” Connective Tissue Research 53 (6): 469–77. (PDF)
  • Crawford Justin, Raykha Christina, Charles Daevina, Gan Bing Siang, O’Gorman David B. (2015). “WT1 Expression Is Increased in Primary Fibroblasts Derived from Dupuytren’s Disease Tissues.” Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling. (PDF)
  • Shih Barbara, Brown Jason J, Armstrong Daniel J, Lindau Tommy, Bayat Ardeshir. (2009). “Differential Gene Expression Analysis of Subcutaneous Fat, Fascia, and Skin Overlying a Dupuytren’s Disease Nodule in Comparison to Control Tissue.” Hand (New York, N.Y.) 4 (3): 294–301. (PDF)
  • Shih Barbara, Wijeratne Dulharie, Armstrong Daniel J, Lindau Tommy, Day Philip, Bayat Ardeshir. (2009). “Identification of Biomarkers in Dupuytren’s Disease by Comparative Analysis of Fibroblasts Versus Tissue Biopsies in Disease-Specific Phenotypes.” Journal of Hand Surgery 34 (1): 124–36. (PDF)