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Selected Publications
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Exposure or External Influences

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Country and Race Specific

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Knuckle Pads

  • Rayan GM, Ali M, Orozco J. (2010). “Dorsal Pads versus Nodules in Normal Population and Dupuytren’s Disease Patients.” J Hand Surg Am 35 (10): 1571–79. (PDF)

Frozen Shoulder

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Percent with Contracture

  • Diep Gustave K, Agel Julie, Adams Julie E. (2015). “Prevalence of Palmar Fibromatosis with and without Contracture in Asymptomatic Patients.” Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery 49 (4): 247–50. (PDF)

Non-spectrum health issues

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Pediatric (For case reports, see Pediatric or Congenital)

  • Fetsch John F, Laskin William B, Miettinen Markku. (2005). “Palmar-Plantar Fibromatosis in Children and Preadolescents: A Clinicopathologic Study of 56 Cases with Newly Recognized Demographics and Extended Follow-up Information.” The American Journal of Surgical Pathology 29 (8): 1095–1105. (PDF)


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