Share Your Dupuytren Story

Dupuytren. In English, the word Dupuytren is unfamiliar. It’s hard to spell and strange to pronounce (DOO-pa-tren) – and not just for English speakers. In Denmark, it’s called Kuskefingre (Coachman’s finger) because Dupuytren’s first description involved the fingers of a man who drove a horsedrawn coach – a coachman. The reason that the word isn’t […]

Citizen-Scientists for Dupuytren Research

I had a recent correspondence with someone who wanted to discuss the off-label use of Anakinra, an IL1RAP blocker, for her early Dupuytren disease because it had worked so well (off-label) for a problem she had similar to frozen shoulder. It turns out, there are a few small reports of favorable responses to this drug […]

2018 Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend! Fathers pass on so many things to their children – wisdom, bad jokes, and sometimes Dupuytren disease. Over half of people with Dupuytren disease know a family member with Dupuytren. Dupuytren Celebrities  This Father’s Day, these celebrities share their experiences with Dupuytren in their families. Joe Bonsall, country music legend […]

One Dup, Two Dup, Red Dup, Blue Dup

So much is known about Dupuytren; much more needs to be known. Dupuytren probably isn’t one single diagnosis or one single disease. It’s the end result of overlapping causes. It’s a late effect of many possible causes, the same way similar looking scars can be the late effects of different injuries – cuts, burns, blunt trauma and […]

Mother’s Day Maps

May is here. Summer is coming! In many countries, Mother’s day is being celebrated this Sunday. It’s a meaningful milestone. Dupuytren Research Group is also marking milestones – on a variety of maps. International Dupuytren Data Bank Enrollment The IDDB is nearing the 3000 enrollee mark: as of today, we have 2996 enrollees. Here is […]

Dupuytren Matching Gift Challenge

Compassion, Generosity, and Enlightened Self-Interest In this season of gratitude and self-reflection, it’s wonderful to have a simple way to help oneself and at the same time help others in the same situation. I have Dupuytren disease in my hand. I’ve learned that Dupuytren-related diseases run in my family, here and there: Dupuytren, Ledderhose, Peyronie, […]

Dupuytren Triggers: 60 second survey

Dupuytren Triggers Yes, that’s a picture of Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger. You might not have been expecting that. Dupuytren also shows up unexpectedly. People have normal hands, and then they don’t. Many feel the problem came out of nowhere. Others may recall some event happening around the same time as Dupuytren first appeared and conclude […]

Dupuytren, Sports, and Floor Exercises

Does Dupuytren affect your sports or floor exercises? This Sixty Second Survey will help us understand Dupuytren and the lives of people it affects. [ale_button url=”” style=”light-blue” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Take this 60 Second Survey Now[/ale_button] It’ll only take a minute! Please repost and retweet. Thanks! Charles Eaton MD

Dupuytren and Handwriting

Does Dupuytren affect your handwriting or how you write? Yes or no, we’d love to know! Take the short survey: – it will take less than 60 seconds. Results will be released next week. Please repost/retweet! Thanks – Charles Eaton MD

What is Dupuytren Disease?

What is Dupuytren disease? After passing the first hurdle of pronouncing Dupuytren (DOOpa-tren: sort of rhymes with “hooka den”, “group of friends” “move again” “super bend”…), most people – doctors and patients alike – have trouble answering this question. Most doctors don’t give a simple answer. Instead, they often just describe some part of the problem. […]