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Selected Publications:

Dupuytren disease may be first diagnosed during recovery from injury or surgery. The biology of Dupuytren contracture has many similarities to the injury of repair. The exact relationship between injury and “activation” of Dupuytren disease is not clear. After local trauma, some patients may develop what looks like early Dupuytren but does not develop Dupuytren-like contracture progression. This is referred to as pseudo-Dupuytren and has been called “traumatic palmar fasciitis” and “non-Dupuytren’s disease”. The relation of Dupuytren and chronic heavy manual labor is unclear but supported by a preponderance of the evidence.

Trauma preceding Dupuytren disease:

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Pseudo-Dupuytren disease:

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Traumatic (accidental) correction of Dupuytren contracture:

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