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2020 IDDB Progress and Findings

2020 IDDB Progress and Findings The International Dupuytren Data Bank is now in its fifth year with 4465 enrollees from 48 countries. There’s now enough data to begin looking for trends and new insights. We’ve begun collecting blood samples from select enrollees for the Dupuytren Blood Biomarker Pilot Study. Blood sample collection is on hold until […]

Happy 2020 Valentine’s Day from the DRG

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to embrace all the joy that love brings to life. A day to pause and reflect on the mystery of love …and biomarkers. Love and biomarkers? Absolutely! Love is so hard to describe in words. People try with different languages, metaphors, imagery, poems, songs, and increasingly, with molecules – […]

2020: The year of solving the puzzle!

I’m optimistic 2020 will be the year of progress solving the Dupuytren puzzle. Dupuytren seems at times a jigsaw puzzle with too many pieces. Pieces from other puzzles. Pieces that look as though they should fit, but don’t. Pieces that belong in one location, but seem to fit in many different locations. One strategy to […]

International Dupuytren Conference 2020 Mark your calendars! The followup to the quinquennial 2010 Miami and 2015 Groningen International Dupuytren Conferences is scheduled to take place Sept 3-4 2020 in Oxford, United Kingdom. Plan to attend. Take part! Prepare your abstracts for submission. Learn more at

Dupuytren versus Spellcheck

The word “Dupuytren” is often missing from spellcheck libraries. Before my phone got used to me, it transcribed Dupuytren as “Jupiter Den”, “Two Bedrooms” “Do engine” and other comical substitutions, although it never produced “Department Contracture” or “Dumpster Contracture”, as in this newspaper article published last week: Dupuytren, Dupuytren, Dupuytren! It’s a common problem. We need […]

Stop blaming the Vikings!

You’ve heard it: “Dupuytren is a ‘Viking disease’.” Is it? The answer begins in 1985. That year, surgeon John Hueston published his second textbook on Dupuytren disease. He wrote this on the first page of Chapter 6: That the Celtic immigration has spread this ‘Viking disease’ across the north of Europe, where the highest incidence […]

Dupuytren Hand Therapy Podcast 1/2

Susan Weiss OTR/L CHT just released the first of a 2-part audio podcast interview with Dupuytren Research Group’s Dr. Charles Eaton, discussing Dupuytren disease from a hand therapy perspective. Very interesting, can’t wait for the second installment![ale_button url=”″ style=”light-blue” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_self”] Listen to Pocast [/ale_button]

Dupuytren Outreach Milestone

Dupuytren Research Group Outreach and Awareness programs have reached a new milestone: 1000 subscribers to, the Dupuytren Research Group video podcast / YouTube channel. It’s actually a big deal: we don’t feature cats or dogs, cute babies, social media influencers, hot spokesmodels, “one weird trick” clickbait, video game reviews, celebrities behaving badly, or other […]

Podcast: Nine Dupuytren Questions

Here’s a fresh podcast reviewing the state of Dupuytren disease in 2019. In this podcast, Dr. Eaton of the Dupuytren Research Group reviews these 9 topics: What is Dupuytren Disease? Why do people develop it? What happens over time? How is it measured? How to prevent progression? How is it treated? Why is recurrence such a problem? Why is it so different […]