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Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and exercise 3

Tread Lightly on Your Palms Dupuytren biology involves myofibroblasts, provoked by mechanical forces, among other things; nice review article here: Stretching fingers backward – intuitive, logical …and probably the exact wrong thing to do for Dupuytren. Pushups? Use pushup handles or fist pushups on padding; same for yoga downward dog position. Adapt and keep […]

Video Interviews: What would hand surgeons want for their own Dupuytren disease?

Rolling out the second video from a series of interviews at this year’s annual meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Each video features  surgeons answering one question about Dupuytren disease. Twenty hand surgeons answer the question “What’s your plan if you get Dupuytren disease?” Stay tuned for more videos in coming weeks:subscribe to […]

Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and Exercise 2

Rock Climbing and Dupuytren Disease Rock climbing increases risk of Dupuytren contracture. Read the full article here: The more hours spent, the greater the risk. Why? Dupuytren biology is fed by mechanical stress. Stress alone won’t give you Dupuytren disease, but with genetic Dupuytren risk, stressing your palms might start it early. Probably same […]

Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and Exercise:

Mind Your Grip Sports and Exercise: Dupuytren biology is provoked by mechanical stress. If you have Dupuytren disease, don’t stop exercising, but look into ways to reduce the stress on your palms when you work out. You can cushion or shield your palms with workout gloves, pull up hooks, or pull up pads. Also, anything […]

A new Dupuytren’s research project has launched!

After much preparation, a collaborative effort is underway between Professor Paul Werker at Groningen University Medical Center in The Netherlands and Dr. Charles Eaton at The Hand Center in Jupiter, FL. This retrospective study will follow the long term outcomes of patients who have had Dupuytren’s treated with Needle Aponeurotomy, and will take a fresh […]

Dupuytren Roundtable Discussions

Here are links to two recently published roundtable discussions by experts in the field of Dupuytren’s. Although these were discussions by surgeons for surgeons, they are really just conversations and quite readable. They highlight the current challenges both surgeons and their patients face with Dupuytren’s disease and provide insight into future efforts to develop a […]

Dupuytren Foundation 2010 Report

It’s been a busy year behind the scenes for the Dupuytren Foundation – see what we’ve been up to at

Miami Dupuytren Symposium spurs new research: Report from Dupuytren’s Day at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Handchirurgiethe (German Society for Surgery of the Hand – DGH)

Dr Wolfgang Wach reports from the DGH, Oct 7 Dupuytren Program: “I attended the Dupuytren’s day at the Nuremberg conference of German hand surgeons and the Miami Dupuytren Symposium was pretty well covered there. Bernhard Lukas gave a review of the Miami conference and the current issue of the German hand surgeons journal which was […]

Swimming the English Channel to Support Dupuytren’s Research

Surgeons and surgeons in training brave the English Channel to raise money to support hand surgery research: Cold! I mean …How cool is that? Good work!